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by Gary Larcenaire, CEO & President

Gary Larcenaire, CEO Valley Behavioral Health

Gary Larcenaire, CEO Valley Behavioral Health


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Thrive-oriented cultures ensure that everyone shows up everyday, shaped, guided and informed by the thousands of days, prior.

For thirty years, Valley Behavioral Health has been there to provide care and support for Utahns and family members enduring the consequences of the most complex behavioral health conditions known.

Significant change to contracting protocols resulted in fundamental threat to Valley’s survival in 2011. Five years later, Valley survived. Survival is good. Seriously. But the future of healthcare is now more uncertain as ever. Survival will no longer be good enough. Organizations will need to be oriented toward “thrive” principles if they expect to be around in the longer term.

The “near death” experience we endured at Valley taught us a lot, and our “finely-honed” adaptive skill set will serve us well as we navigate our transition from “survive” to “thrive”.

“Thrive” represents a full transition from a focus on the present and near-term, to the “foreseeable”.

Thrive must be pervasive. Unifying. And unless it becomes a complete cultural imperative, health systems may fail; or be so weakened that we cannot tell the difference.

Only those health systems committed to the principles of thrive, will be around and growing in ten to twenty years.

Thrive-oriented cultures are defined by:

  • An organizational systems approach which seeks to minimize the urgency of “the now” by shifting team orientation to the future and the past.
  • A culture which values, and materially rewards learning from prior experiences, successes and failures,
  • An organizational culture fixated on prior success and learning, so as to inform and better prepare each department/unit/employee for the future.
  • Thrive-oriented cultures are mostly calm.
  •  Thrive-oriented cultures are oriented pro-activly.
  • Thrive-oriented cultures accept failure with enthusiasm and celebrate failure as a recognized source of knowledge and learning.
  •  Thrive-oriented cultures ensure that everyone shows up everyday, informed by the thousands of days, prior.

Read last bullet again slowly and think about its relevance to: Staff Development, Human Resources, Information Technology, Management, Systems Learning, on-boarding, auditing, NEO etc.

Thrive-oriented cultures ensure that everyone shows up everyday, informed by the thousands of days, prior.

  •  Thrive-oriented cultures pivot from crisis intervention to crisis interception.

I look forward to meeting and discussing this more in person.

Follow-up questions:

  1. How can your department/unit be more proactive?
  2. How can you use the experiences of staff both successes and failures to shape the on boarding of new team members?
  3. How can you celebrate failure and use it as a source of learning and future success?
  4. How can you transition from “crisis intervention” to “crisis interception”?
Gary Larcenaire
About Gary Larcenaire
Texas-born Gary Larcenaire is the President and CEO of Salt Lake City-based Valley Mental Health. Larcenaire holds a Bachelors of Science in Psychology, and a Master of Public Administration, both from Angelo State university. Larcenaire also has past experience in non-profit C-Level positions like, CEO of El Paso Mental Health and Mental Retardation (MHMR) and Founding President/CEO of Sun City Behavioral, and he was also named the 2009 Humanitarian of the Year by the League of United Latin American Citizens (LULAC) in El Paso, Texas. Larcenaire is a past Chair of The Healthcare Council the Greater El Paso Chamber of Commerce, and served as Treasurer for the El Paso Symphony Youth Orchestra. A 20-year member of Rotary International, Larcenaire has been a Rotary Youth Leadership Award Counselor since 2004. Gary is an avid lover of the outdoors, since moving to Salt Lake City, enjoys hiking, biking, and mountain climbing with his family and Golden Retrievers.