Supportive Housing

Valley owns and operates numerous mental health housing programs throughout Salt Lake City, Utah. These supportive housing (or supported housing) properties are provided as a comfortable, affordable housing option for patients with various mental health circumstances. We strive to provide patients with a reliable space to focus on working, social, and personal skill development.

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“Valley Behavioral Health gave me the tools to be able to live in a safe and positive environment. I am happy to have a roof over my head living at Valley’s Safe Haven.”

– Ken Foster

Personalized Mental Health Assisted Living

As with any of our mental health programs, we understand the importance of personalizing these mental health housing programs to each patient’s needs. Each property provides a unique level of supervision and has varying intended residency timelines. From independent living programs to 24-hour supervision, we are committed to providing a lasting opportunity for patients to grow.

Join a supportive community that’s passionate about achieving patient goals.

Please review the listing of properties shown below for detailed offerings. For further information, or assistance deciding which housing opportunity is the best option, contact a Valley Behavioral Health representative today.

Oquirrh Ridge East – 12 residents

This apartment complex houses 12 residents and provides case management services and skills development with minimal supervision and a moderately low frequency of contact.

Oquirrh Ridge West – 12 residents

This transitional housing has 12 residents with the expectation that those who develop independent living skills and are stable in treatment will transition to more independent housing.

Pheasant Hollow – 20 residents

Pheasant Hollow has 20 apartments that help adults ages 18 and older who have physical disabilities and are on the New Choices Waiver Program. The program helps clients learn the skills they need to be as independent as they are able and supports them in rebuilding a meaningful life. Staff can work with residents on exercises that have been ordered by a therapist to increase or maintain ability, balance, strength, and safety.

Valley Crossroads – 20 residents

As with Oquirrh Ridge West, Valley Crossroads is transitional housing with the expectation that those who develop independent living skills will be able to achieve it.

Valley Plaza – 72 residents

Valley Plaza offers supervised cooperative living apartments for 72 residents with serious mental health concerns. Valley Plaza offers a variety of services including case management, medication support, and 24-hour assistance.

Valley Villa – 20 residents

This apartment complex houses 20 residents and provides case management services, skills development with minimal supervision, and a moderately low frequency of contact.

Valley Homefront

Valley Homefront offers eight permanent apartments for homeless individuals who generally do well with minor supervision. Residents receive in-home visits weekly and can attend monthly tenant meetings. They are assisted with apartment living/home maintenance, medication management, benefit management, skills development, socialization, and peer support services.

Valley Woods – 56 residents

Valley Woods offers permanent, long-term supportive housing to help residents that are age 18 and older learn the skills necessary to remain as independent as possible. Valley Woods has 56 beds and offers access to 24-hour support. Individuals are provided numerous services including case management, therapy, medication management, and interaction with community resources so that they engage and thrive in the Salt Lake area.

Valley Horizons – 20 residents (55 years and older)

Valley Horizons is a housing unit that serves 20 residents who are 55 years of age or older in an independent living setting. Residents are provided with case management to increase community engagement and daily living skills at home.

Safe Haven I (Transitional Housing) – 25 residents

Safe Haven I has 25 transitional housing units for clients who have serious mental health concerns and have a history of chronic homelessness. Residents of Safe Haven I are able to maintain their status of homelessness so they can continue to qualify for permanent housing.

Safe Haven II (Permanent Housing) – 24 residents

Safe Haven II has 24 permanent housing units for homeless individuals challenged by a history of chronic homelessness, mental health, and substance use issues. They are assisted with apartment living/home maintenance, medication management, benefit management, skills development, socialization, and peer support services.

Shelter + Care Voucher Program

The Voucher Program is a collaboration between Valley Behavioral Health, Salt Lake County, Tooele County, and West Valley City Housing Authorities. It offers Medicaid clients subsidized housing with supportive services in the community through Shelter + Care vouchers. The program serves nearly 150 clients with various HUD subsidies.