A&D (Alcohol and Drug Outpatient)

Valley’s Alcohol and Drug (A&D) Program provides services with a strong focus on substance abuse treatment. This program offers the full continuum of treatment services- including substance abuse therapy and general addiction therapy with a strong emphasis on trauma-informed care and treatment of co-occurring disorders. Assessment and evaluation services are also offered at our Alcohol and Drug (A&D) and Forensics programs.


CORE residential program helps adult male and female criminal, dual diagnosis offenders. Our two, 16-bed facilities, are transition-focused programs that help individuals re-enter and reintegrate into the community.

ValleyWest Clinic

The ValleyWest Clinic provides a range of mental health and substance use services for residents of Salt Lake County. The ValleyWest Clinic combines adult and children’s outpatient services for both mental health and substance use disorders. Our clinicians offer care focused on assistance for reunification with children, parenting classes, and evidence-based trauma treatment.

The ValleyWest Clinic offers assistance for reunification with children, domestic violence and relationship services, parenting classes, and evidence-based trauma treatment, in addition to therapy, medication management, and medication-assisted treatment (MAT) are provided as needed.


Forensics helps clients on parole and probation who have been referred into treatment by the criminal justice system. Programs offered by the Forensic Unit include mental health outpatient services, treatment for domestic violence offenders, substance use disorder treatment, and intensive outpatient services. All Forensic Unit programs are offered in both English and Spanish.

JDOT (Jail Diversion Outreach Team)

JDOT offers 24-hour, comprehensive, individualized and flexible services to link individuals to resources and support while helping them live independently. We focus on clients with co-occurring disorders including mental illness, substance use, and criminal justice involvement to help with housing stability, quality of life, and addressing substance use.


ValleyEPIC (Evidence-based Programs and Interventions Campus) is a premier treatment facility designed for men and women in our community with substance abuse, who may also be struggling with mental illness and homelessness. It offers a full continuum of substance abuse treatment from residential and day programs, to intensive and traditional outpatient services.

ValleyEPIC features our newly renovated residential facilities. This campus was designed to integrate substance abuse treatment approaches with a special focus on trauma-informed care. The goal of ValleyEPIC is to help people break the chains of addiction, which includes a successful re-entry into the community and a reduction in criminal recidivism.


Substance use problems impact entire families. Focused on prenatal support for expectant mothers and women with children, ValleyPhoenix is a residential treatment facility that helps families stay together.