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Behavioral Health Screening and Assessment Services

At Valley, every road to recovery starts with Centralized Intake. We provide screening and assessment services to help our providers identify an individual’s needs early in the process and accommodate those needs through our services. Through this method, we are able to assess each client’s condition and recommend the best treatment—whether it’s with Valley or a community provider.

We don’t just review clinical needs—we look at the whole situation: payment options, transportation, cultural or linguistic issues and readiness for change. By doing this upfront, we reduce confusion and increase the odds of client follow-through and a positive outcome for all. At Valley Cares, we tailor our services to all ages, social, cultural, and economic situations. To get started or for more information, please contact a specialist today.

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Screening Vs Assessment

Screening Assessment: Conducting a screening consists of several concise tests that evaluate the possible existence of a mental health or substance abuse issue. Screenings primarily serve to give a definitive yes or no response to a particular condition. 


Assessment: Assessments are more in-depth processes for defining the specific nature of a particular problem. This includes diagnosing the problem and recommending the best treatments.

The screening typically happens before the assessment. When a new patient visits one of our Valley Cares clinics, we use a number of tools to evaluate the symptoms. We use standardized instruments and interview protocols that are appropriate for conducting the screening assessment for the potential issue. Following, we will conduct a thorough assessment to determine the right diagnosis and treatment. If you have any questions about the next steps, please call one of our care specialists today.

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What To Expect During A Mental Health Assessment

To get prepared for the assessment, all you really need to prepare is yourself. The evaluator might ask you personal and in-depth questions about your behavioral health. Additionally, you might be asked to bring a friend or family member. This is mainly for the evaluator to get a clear observation of your condition that’s outside of your perspective. In the evaluation, your evaluator might ask about the way you spend your time, what your life looks like, and any emotional problems that might be impacting your functioning. You can also answer questions about your medications, any side effects, and any substances you’ve might/could be using. These will help provide more information about the underlying mental health concerns you might be experiencing in your life.

What Happens After The Assessment?

After the appointment, you will be given a written report and a follow-up from the evaluator. The assessment process is always a useful way to determine what treatment is appropriate. It’s always important to keep an open mind about what mental health treatments are available for you. The results also help to provide you insights into your personality, coping skills, and overall well-being. The outcome from the assessment will help you decide what type of treatment that may be most suitable for you, based upon your needs, goals, and beliefs. At Valley Cares, we offer both outpatient and inpatient treatments. We want to give our clients the flexibility to achieve their goals without disrupting their day-to-day schedules in all situations. For any questions or concerns about the assessment, please feel free to call.

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Our Screening and Assessment Services Can Include But Are Not Limited To The Following Conditions: