Successfully overcoming mental and behavioral health challenges takes a village. It takes support from your loved ones, your community, and a dedicated care provider. At Valley Behavioral Health, you’ve got the support of an entire team dedicated to helping each client achieve their goals. Everything starts at our Centralized Intake Office, found in the heart of Salt Lake City, Utah. At the intake office, there is no wrong door – we welcome all clients, and offer guidance towards the resources that will serve them best.

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The First Steps In Your Journey With Valley

Conducting A Mental Health Assessment

Each client’s journey starts with a mental health assessment, conducted by one of Valley’s committed case management professionals. During the evaluation, your Valley case manager will cultivate a shared understanding of each client’s challenges, goals, and circumstances. We take this opportunity to genuinely understand the unique challenges each client is experiencing, which enables us to better recommend a personalized treatment method.

Developing Personalized Mental Health Treatment Plans

After an assessment has been conducted, each client and their Valley care professional develop a personalized mental health treatment plan together. The Valley difference lies in our evidence-based treatment models, meaning every treatment plan is based on previously successful approaches. As treatment goes on, a Valley care professional will evaluate progress and adjust the treatment if necessary.

With support from an extensive team of care professionals, our treatment plans generally start by addressing each client’s immediate needs. These may include benefits, medication management, counseling, and housing opportunities. Our first initiative is to help each client find a comfortable, healthy foundation for growth.

As each client progresses through treatment, the focus will likely shift towards helping clients develop the necessary skills and work towards independent living. Valley Behavioral Health offers 70 programs throughout 5 counties in Utah, with over 50,000 services being provided per week. Each client’s mental health treatment plan utilizes this strong network of skill development services, supportive groups, and guidance for the most efficient and effective treatment.

Finally, the ultimate goal of each Valley treatment plan is to help our clients transition into outpatient support programs and full independence. With support from our adult outpatient programs, clients are able to exercise the skills they’ve developed independently with support and guidance from their care professionals.

Discover Treatment That Achieves Your Goals

At Valley, we understand that no two client journeys are the same. As such, each client’s treatment program should be personalized, evaluated, and adjusted from start to finish. The first step towards accomplishing your goals is to contact a Valley case manager for a health assessment. Find the support you and your loved ones need, and begin your journey with Valley Behavioral Health today.