banner image of child on swing for day treatment services offered by valley cares

ACES (Acute Children’s Extended Services)

ACES is an after school treatment service for children ages 5-12 with severe emotional and behavioral problems. We teach social and crisis management skills through recreational and community activities as well as home and school behavioral monitoring.

ARTEC (Adolescent Residential Treatment and Education Centers)

These centers provide a structured day treatment environment for adolescents requiring additional support to become successful in the community. ARTEC focuses on skills development, providing individual, family and group treatment.

DBT (Dialectical Behavior Therapy)

DBT day treatment is provided for a total of 16 adolescents ages 12-17 in the custody of the Department of Children and Family Services (DCFS), the Division of Juvenile Justice Services (DJJS) or in parental custody. Children who are admitted may exhibit intense and unstable interpersonal relationships, frantic efforts to avoid real or imagined abandonment, impulsivity that is potentially self-damaging, recurrent suicidal or para-suicidal behavior, affective instability, chronic feelings of emptiness, inappropriate intense or uncontrollable anger and transient stress-related paranoid ideation or severe dissociative symptoms.

KIDS (Kids Intensive Day Services)

KIDS is a short-term, intensive day program for youth ages 5-17, with serious behavioral and emotional challenges, with a focus on keeping children in their families’ community. Our goal is to prevent more restrictive mental health placements and/or help youth step down from more restrictive settings.

CBTU (Children’s Behavior Therapy Unit) – School Based Services

CBTU provides community-based, mental health day treatment programs in partnership with local school districts. Programs are offered in both Salt Lake and Granite School Districts and are for children and youth requiring highly structured therapeutic academic settings.

Substance Use Treatment

Valley’s Alcohol and Drug (A&D) Program is for children ages 12-17 who are struggling with addiction and substance use issues, and often with mental illness as well. Services include outpatient, intense outpatient, day treatment and residential services. Needs-specific programs include individual, family and group therapy.

ASAP (Adolescent Substance Use Program)

ASAP offers standard outpatient and day treatment for youth ages 13-17 who are using/abusing alcohol and/or drugs. This program teaches relapse prevention and mood management along with other skills to help them recover.

FIRST (Families in Recovery Staying Together)

FIRST provides a variety of outpatient and day treatment options for adults, dependent children and families challenged by substance use and mental health issues. Offering services to both the child and families impacted by substance use, FIRST has an intensive focus on recovery, rebuilding relationships and reuniting families.