What Is Case Management?

According to the Case Management Society of America, case management “is a collaborative process of assessment, planning, facilitation, care coordination, evaluation and advocacy for options and services to meet an individual’s and family’s comprehensive health needs.”

To put it simply, all of Valley’s behavioral and mental health services start with individual case management. Our case management services are highly personalized because each patient’s needs are unique. We are driven to ensure that our clients are aligned with the most appropriate and efficient treatment programs. To get started, or for additional information, please contact us today.

Case Management Services

The first step towards growth is defining the best approach. Our case management services provide each client with guidance from start to finish, and can be best described in 4 steps:

The Case Management Process:

  1. Our case managers cultivate a relationship with each client to gain a better understanding of their challenges, goals, and circumstances.
  2. Based on this shared understanding, the case manager is then able to recommend personalized care based on clinical need.
  3. The case manager supervises patient progress and facilitates communication between the patient, the patient’s family, and any care professionals involved.
  4. We continually evaluate treatment effectiveness and refine the treatment process as circumstances change.


Active case management allows us to have a more insightful look into each patient’s recovery, avoid hospitalization when appropriate, and ultimately provide a more integrated route to healing. Whenever possible, we strive to help each client achieve growth without disruption. Explore Valley’s distinct collection of behavioral and mental health programs to learn more.

Mental Health Case Management

Valley is a leading provider of various mental health programs across Salt Lake County that are offered to address a full spectrum of mental health challenges. From skill development and integration to 24-hour supervised care, our programs have successfully helped patients with many different mental health concerns and co-occurring disorders. The first step is scheduling a mental health case management consultation, where a Valley care professional will guide the patient towards the most opportune treatment option.

Behavioral Health Case Management

In conjunction with our mental health services, we offer a broad spectrum of supportive behavioral health services for patients of all ages. Oftentimes, behavioral health and mental health challenges coincide, requiring a very personalized approach to successfully accomplish each patient’s goals. As such, behavioral health case management may be an ideal starting point. Valley’s team of case managers have substantial experience assisting clients with all types of mental and behavioral health challenges. This experience has prepared us to recommend the most effective care method for any patient based on evidence-based models of treatment.

We are passionate about leading each client towards lasting growth and have a large team of care professionals dedicated to doing just that. We care deeply about each patient we serve, and look forward to helping you and your loved ones succeed. For more information, or to schedule a case management consultation, please fill out the contact form shown below.

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