Valley Supports You

How many companies do you know of that truly care about their employees and are willing to invest real time and money to develop people into their best professional self? They’re few and far between, right? We strive to be one of those employers, every day.

Valley Treatment Volunteer

Valley Works Hard

Though we like to have fun at Valley, we also work very hard for our clients. We look for motivated people who are willing to put in the work for exceptional results. Don’t worry, you’ll have an entire company backing you up and cheering you on along the way!

Valley Is Growing

Valley is a premier employer in Utah, and our reach is growing. We are expanding our programs and services and our locations to better service community needs.

Valley Cares Team Picture

Valley Leadership

Our leadership team at Valley focuses on employee development by discussing career paths at monthly meetings with supervisors. We take time in selecting employees we feel will be the best of the best throughout our hiring process. By doing this, we are able to find candidates that we can help grow from a case manager to a fully certified and licensed therapist through our tuition reimbursement program and ValleyAcademy.

Valley Cares Team Building