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For over 25 years, Valley Behavioral Health has successfully helped thousands of clients by personalizing our treatment methods to each client’s needs. We’re convinced that the most effective treatment takes place in a relaxed environment, with assistance and involvement from family and community members alike. If you or a loved one are in need of support, browse the comprehensive selection of treatment possibilities shown below. Let’s deal with it together.

Mental Health Center

Addressing mental health problems may seem daunting, or even unachievable. We understand that a mental health center can’t be effective with a “one-size-fits-all” approach. Read more today to see how Valley’s mental health services are adaptable to any condition.

Substance Abuse Treatment in Utah

Enjoy a life free from substance abuse. We facilitate the most innovative, effective drug rehabilitation and alcohol addiction recovery programs in the state. Get further details regarding our Utah substance abuse treatment programs today.

Behavioral Health Services

Our roots are in providing customized behavioral health services that not only guide, but inspire our clients. We’ve designed these behavioral health programs with care to re-direct behavior without interfering in day-to-day life. Read more today to see how Valley can help your family.

Homeless Services

Unfortunately, mental illness and homelessness often go hand in hand. Valley Behavioral is a leading force combatting homelessness in the Salt Lake City area. Read more to find out how Valley’s programs and community relationships provide care and housing.

Children’s Outpatient Services

Designed to empower families rather than replace them, our children’s outpatient services are personalized to treat children under 18 with a mental health diagnosis or substance use disorder. Learn more about our individual or family-inclusive children’s outpatient services today.

Intensive Outpatient Services

Growth and rehabilitation cannot be achieved by stopping day-to-day activities. We evaluate each client, stabilize his or her condition, and provide a treatment designed to lead a life independent of our programs. Get more details regarding our intensive outpatient services here.


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As a full-service pharmacy, ValleyRx will provide you with all of the medications that your treatment team prescribes. Our team of highly trained professionals includes pharmacists, technicians, and team members who understand the day to day challenges you’re facing. The ValleyRx team is here to ensure the most comprehensive and convenient experience possible for our pharmacy customers.


We are a nonprofit network of clinics providing treatment for behavioral conditions, addictions, psychiatric conditions, autism, and other chronic health conditions. Additionally, Valley treats chronic lifelong conditions, and temporary conditions triggered by traumatic life events. Our programs are personalized for people of all ages and every social, cultural and economic situation.

Support Without Interference

When someone is suffering from depression, an addiction, trauma, a mental health disorder, or any other condition, they are never the only person affected. The wellness of family, friends, and others surrounding the sufferer are often impacted as well.
Our services are designed to reduce the disruption, emotional toll, and financial costs that treatment imposes on our clients and their families. The focus on healing without disruption is at our core, and it’s what we believe makes Valley your ideal intervention partner.



The Valley team is driven every day to provide our clients with the best clinical care possible. As such, we’re constantly refining our programs based on evidence-based models of treatment. What does all of that mean? It means we only use therapies that are proven to actually work. All of this in support of the most important goal – full recovery for our clients. For more information on where to turn for support view our programs and services, speak with a Valley care professional today, or schedule an appointment with the form below. 


If you need assistance or to schedule an appointment, call 1-888-949-4864 and talk live to one of our trained representatives. Or email us for more general inquiries.

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