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by Gary Larcenaire

Gary Larcenaire, CEO Valley Behavioral Health

Gary Larcenaire, CEO Valley Behavioral Health


On occasion, my wife and I spend a weekend enthralled or “binging” on a TV series. A compelling
story line and empathy for the characters is what makes for “binge- worthy” television.
Those same elements make Valley Behavioral Health a “binge-worthy” employer.
An employer that captures the imaginations of its employees every day. A company that strives to
earn enduring loyalty.

We are getting there: Valley Behavioral Health has reduced employee turnover by over 80% from

Yes, thats right, over eighty percent! Not a typo.

Our story is that we care, and that we are always improving.

All companies have a storyline and characters. Our challenge was getting our story told accurately
so that employees can relate and become an essential part of making our tale one they can fall in
love with. Our dramatic reduction in employee turnover is not by accident. We are working hard to
become a first-rate career choice. We have improvements to mak e, but we are getting better.
Many things have worked to reduce employee turnover. Above all, we got two important things
right this year:

We know our story and we are telling it
Our story is that we care, and that we are always improving. The data tells the truth: we care about
our clients, our communities, and of course, our essential ingredient: our employees.
Social media and Slack have been our most effective tools in sharing our story widely. Slack has
brought us closer, and more connected as a work family. Routine data collection and distribution
keeps us honest. When we need improvement, we work harder. We are so much better today than
we were yesterday. And tomorrow is looking even better! Being data driven sounds easy.
But sometimes the truth hurts. When we don’t live up to our standards, we own it, and try harder.

We recruit and promote the right characters
All applicants interested in working at Valley Behavioral Health or its affiliated brands must first
pass what we refer to as a “micro screen”.
The “micro screen” is a fun group activity which presents the group a problem to be solved. Valley
recruiters monitor the enthusiasm and willingness of participants to engage as a group. Only
applicants that display enthusiasm and willingness to work collaboratively are advanced for
further consideration.
Each new hire and promotion is a referendum on our adherence to our core values. We take it that
Yes, Valley is a “binge-worthy” employer. Once you start paying attention, you can’t get enough. And
the story is just getting started! If you’ve got what it takes, maybe you can join us one day! If you are
already on the team, you know what I am talking about already!



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