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by Gary Larcenaire

Gary Larcenaire, CEO Valley Behavioral Health
Gary Larcenaire, CEO Valley Behavioral Health

I found two definitions of “resonance” with a simple Google search that reveal the secret of cultural
transformation. Musicians are trained early to recognize rhythm, tempo, and reverberation. As a
musician, I have come to understand corporate cultures in these terms. Listen closely when you
experience your favorite business. You will sense a tempo, a beat, a rhythm that resonates with
you favorably.

res·o·nance/noun 1. the quality in a
sound of being deep, full, and
reverberating.”the resonance of voice”

The first definition points to something critical in the establishment of corporate resonance and
that is: “voice”. Voice, to me is the internal narrative that finds its tempo and rhythm only in a
genuine establishment of non-negotiable core values.

2. PHYSICS the reinforcement or prolongation of sound by reflection from a surface or by the
synchronous vibration of a neighboring object.

The second definition contains three key words:”reinforcement, prolongation, and synchronous”.

These are essential ingredients for resonance to occur. Core values must be reinforced through the
referendum of hiring, training, promotion and termination daily over a prolonged period. Only then
will the echo effect begin to take hold and once resonance begins, it is hard to stop.

Synchronous resonance begins to take on an effect and power all its own which transcends the
personalities and efforts of literally anyone in an organization. And then, the magic occurs. Nearly
unstoppable. Goals are met with minimal effort and metrics seem to align themselves.

Have you experienced synchronous resonance in a company you worked for? Frequented?
Tell me about it.

I look forward to discussing this more in person soon.


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